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you can chose  from available color of Magic bath glove comes

magic wash glove for luscious skin

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Whether you just want to rejuvenate your skin or you have Skin moles , seborrheic keratosis , rough irregular  skin  or blemish  worry no more .
Introducing the manic bath gloves which when it is  used daily over  time it will remove unwanted skin blemishes or moles . Yours friends or partners will even notice and complement you for your smother skin.( For you health any new skin lesion or mole that is  growing rapidly, have changing or variation in color , or developed ulcers  or have irregular borders must be evaluated by your physician) 

  • High quality , time saving,  easy to use bath glove.
  • Just pour adequate quantity of your favorite body wash /shower gel.
  • Rub over the body in a circular motion focusing a bit more on area of concern.
  • it gently exfoliate death skin and moles  and blemishes  
  • Use this in your bath or shower , in spa or hotel room 
  • it is like getting gentle dermabrasion without the cost 
  • Size ia  approx 11.5X9cm or (4.53''X3.54''